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Miscellaneous Appomattox Historical Records

The items on this page are miscellaneous records of historical significance.

1945 Historical Sketch (added September 7, 2016) - This brief county history was written by Clerk of the Court Claude W. Smith as a speech for the centennial celebration (1845-1945) of the formation of Appomattox County.

Appomattox County During the War Between the States (added September 7, 2016) - This is a short history of the Civil War period in Appomattox written by early Appomattox County Historical Society member Harriett A. Chilton.

Some Recollections of George T. Peers (added September 7, 2016) - This is a transcription of personal memories of George T. Peers, the third Clerk of the Court for Appomattox County, that were recorded before his death in 1908. He gives his first-hand account of the time period when Appomattox County was formed.

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